Why Choose Us

In the past the directors of D and L Partners have worked with a number of accounting firms and notice some common trends amongst client’s feelings towards their Accountants:

  • Their Accountant did not have a real understanding of their business.
  • Their Accountant did not return phone calls when they need the answer.
  • Their Accountants only talk taxes and numbers.
  • Their Accountants leave things to the last minute and not proactive.
  • Clients felt that they cannot approach their Accountant.
  • Clients are constantly passed down the line to more junior staff within the firm.
  • Clients felt like they are being overcharged and not getting the value.

At D and L Partners we understand and put ourselves in the clients’ position. We don’t simply do compliance work and fill out tax returns; we build strong long lasting relationships with each of our clients and try to understand them and their business to achieve the best outcome.